Let’s Go! with iPad Camps

iPad Camp Overview

Don’t miss out on 5 days of fun working with iPads – both indoors and outdoors!  Why not give your child the opportunity to partake in a fun filled camp whilst working on an apple iPad that is bursting with fantastic, preloaded applications/apps which are both educational and exciting. In 2012 we introduced iPad and Sports Summer camps to our programme. On these camps, we combined the best of our sports camp with the latest technology available.

The feedback has been amazing and we continue to offer these camps in conjunction with our traditional sports camps in selected venues throughout the country. Places are limited on these courses and children must be aged between 8 and 12 years. Check here to find a venue close to you.

These camps are designed to suit the child who loves technology and some sport. During the day children spend 70% of the time working with iPads and 30% participating in sporting activities such as KMX Karting, Zorb Balling, Air Mountain and lots, lots more!!! Children will work in pairs (one iPad per pair) on Apple’s iPad tablet with a suite of apps that do amazing things with photos, movies, coding, music and much more - iPads are designed to encourage your child to communicate their best thinking in compelling new ways. Don’t worry if your child has no knowledge of iPads, we have designed the course to teach your child all the skills they need to use an iPad or to enhance the skills your child may already have. The emphasis is on taking part, meeting new friends and having fun. During the week, your child will create music, movies, video documentaries, stunning presentations with animation effects and lots more. This year we are introducing Sphero to our programme. Sphero is a spherical robot and your child will have endless fun controlling it with the help of the iPad. 

Don’t worry, your child will not be sitting at a desk all day. We even offer your children the opportunity to try iPad Orienteering and to take and edit fantastic photographs of nature through various 'photo missions’!!

The course will be delivered by a qualified Garda vetted teacher who has an in-depth knowledge of iPads and technology.


 Frequently asked Questions

1. How do I book my child on the iPad Camp?

You can book online here or return a completed application form with full fee - cheques made payable to Let’s Go! Summer Schools Ltd.to

Let’s Go! Summer Schools Ltd.,
Rustic House, Sraleigh,
Waterfall, Near Cork

2. What you need to bring?

Packed lunches - there will be two breaks during the day, one 20-minute break in the morning and a 20-minute lunch break.
A set of regular earphones are required for the duration of the iPad camp. During the week, the children will be asked to bring in props for their video/movie modules. They will be advised from day to day by their teacher.

3. My child is going to the camp on his/her own, how will (s)he get on?

Should your child not have a friend going to camp do not worry, as our staff will introduce your child to new friends during the start of the day icebreaker/name game activities.

4. Can you bring your own iPad to Camp?

We do not recommend bringing your own iPad as the apps we are working on will be preloaded onto our iPads.  At the end of camp, we will give you a list of apps and your child can download them at home and continue to grow and develop their skills after the camp has finished.

5. Lost Property

Each evening any lost property will be displayed in the entrance hall. Please ensure that all your child’s belongings are labelled.

6. Collecting your child

You can collect your child at the collection point outside the sports hall at 3.30pm.  If your child has permission to go home on their own please arrange this with the teacher on the first morning at registration if your child happens to be the eldest child and has a younger sibling attending the sports camp at the same location, your eldest child in the iPad camp will collect younger siblings from the sports hall and they will leave the hall together

7.  Photographs & Video

Photographs and videos may be taken at the camp for promotional reasons