(On site)

Let’s Go! are delighted to offer for the first time our new ‘On-Site’ activity programme for Transition Year Students.

Why choose an on-site fun day?

We come to you!

Given the current restrictions that are in place in secondary schools, we are aware that many of the usual ‘off-site’ Transition Year trips have been cancelled for this year. This is obviously a huge disappointment for staff and students alike as Transition Year is often seen as time for students to strengthen friendships, work on team building/communication skills, and above all, to have a bit of fun! The aim of our ‘On Site’ program is to facilitate a day of activities that will meet these objectives, all within the grounds of your own school premises, avoiding the additional risk and expense of bus travel. Our new programme will commence in February/March 2021.

About us:

  • We are experts in working with large groups, having being in the education business for over 30 years.
  • We play host to 50,000 students each year at our camps, school tours and corporate fun days nationwide.
  • We have worked tirelessly to ensure that we can offer the best range of activities/equipment to suit all abilities in a challenging yet fun atmosphere
  • We are fully compliant and up to date with Covid-19 protocols.

How it works?

  • Let’s Go! will come to your school venue and take your entire transition year group for a full day of activities (or over two days depending on numbers - max 5 class groups per day).
  • Each class will remain in their own class group for the day (no mixing of class groups).
  • Your students will partake in a range of activities that will challenge them, encourage them and ultimately be a great source of fun. These will include mobile climbing wall, inflatable games, problem solving, physical and cognitive challenges and some team sports.
  • If you wish we can build in a competitive scoring system which can be used to track each group’s progress throughout the day so that we can declare a ‘winning group’ at the end of the day.     

Sample Activities:

A sample of the activities we can offer are listed below. We can also tailor our programme specific to any additional needs/strengths that your groups may have.

  • Human Table Football: think of a foosball table, but giant!! Teams play 5v5 to score as many goals as possible.
  • Mobile Climbing Wall: Students are safely harnessed and try to climb our 7m high wall.Weight restriction applies.(max 113kg)
  • Wrecking Ball: 4 students at a time compete to knock each other from their podium, who will be the last one standing?
  • Spider Climbing Tower & Slide: work your way up to the top of the 7m tower through the ‘spiders web’ of ropes before shooting down the slide and onto your next task.
  • Team Challenge: A circuit style obstacle course that challenges a range of skills to complete plank walks, an inflatable maze run and much more!
  • Giant Connect 4: a crossover between Connect 4 and Basketball! Throw balls to connect 4 in a row for your team, or if you are clever, to block the opposition team!.
  • Hula Mania Quidditch: enter the world of Harry potter in this game that combines the skills of Olympic Handball and Dodgeball.
  • Brick Works: Think of Lego, butut on a larger scale! Work as team to collect bricks and build a solid structure. Communication and team planning will be key here!
  • Speed stacking: a cup stacking challenge that will test cognitive and physical coordination in as fast a time as possible.



Full Day (4 hours)

€25 per student(minimum charge of €2500 applies)


How to book?

For bookings and any other queries, please call our office on 021 4877111 or email us on [email protected].

You can secure a date with a deposit of €500 per school. The balance of the payment must be paid in one week before the commencement date.

Payments can be made by cheque, bank transfer or over the phone via credit/debit card.

Sample Day: Timings will be based on the times of your individual school

What your students need to bring on the dayThe day will run unless weather conditions are very inclement and in this case we will endevour to reschedule.

Face masks must be worn 

Sports wear: runners must be worn and warm clothes if weather is cold as the event will be run outdoors

A change of clothes and socks(in the event of inclement weather)


Lots of drinks, lunch

Lunch breaks will be inline with school timetable and it is the resposibility of school teachers to supervise lunch breaks 

School to provide first aid on the day