Let’s Go!... Summer camp Information

Due to restrictions this summer , activities will be happening outdoors, so please ensure your child/children  has raingear with them at all times.

If the weather becomes very inclement for a sustained period of time we may have to contact you to collect your child early

(No refund will be given )

At every Let’s Go! Multi Activity Summer Camp we offer two programmes of activities, one for the 5-6 year olds(children must be attending primary school)  and the second for the 7-12 year olds. These programmes have been designed by our expert team with the children in mind at all times. Our programmes have been fine tuned through 35 years of experience and feedback from parents and campers.


Registration takes place on the first morning of the camp. At this stage children are divided into groups according to their age.  Our camp manager will welcome all the campers and introduce our staff to them. Classes commence no later than 10.30 a.m. on the first morning.

An attendance roll is taken each morning.

Class duration is an average of 40 minutes. Each child will have an opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities throughout the week(Please note that for Health & Safety reasons children may be asked to remove glasses, shoes, socks, peaked caps on some activities).

Children will have two supervised breaks each day. Your child will need to bring a packed lunch, snacks and plenty of drinks with them.

Mobile Phones:

Children should not bring mobile phones to camp. Should they require them after camp, they must remain powered off in their bags. We are not responsible for lost or damaged phones.

Going Home:   

We are working to implememt a contactless collection procedure. To avoid congestion, we may stagger collection times. If you have more than one child to collect, they can all be collected at the one collection time.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.