General conditions for all Let's Go! organised events:

By accepting the terms and conditions of the booking you are agreeing to the following. You cannot proceed with your booking online or by telephone unless you accept the below conditions so, please familiarise yourself with the terms of the booking.

You declare that you are the parent/guardian/teacher or friend of the listed children or class group/student on the booking application. You are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Payment is regarded as acceptance of the booking conditions. When booking a place on a Camp/School Tour/Team Building Day you are declaring to be a parent/guardian/teacher or friend of the child/children/student or class group you are booking onto Camp/School Tour/Team Building Day.

Any participant whose conduct is deemed by our manager to be detrimental to the best interest of the programme will be dismissed - no refund will be made. Children/students must comply with all safety requests by their teachers. 


(School Tours) - A deposit of €150 must be paid per class to secure your class school tour. All deposits must be accompanied by a completed application form. Deposits are non refundable.The balance of the fee must be paid on or before the event day. Please note that a final minimum payment fee for 18 children is required irrespective of numbers that turn up on the day.(Any schools with less than 18 pupils we will endeavour to combine with schools of similar numbers)

A deposit of €500 must be paid to secure your Transition Year Team Building Day. All deposits must be accompanied by a completed application form. Deposits are non refundable.The balance of the fee must be paid on or before the event day.

Any outstanding balances on your booking must be paid on receipt of payment request which will be sent via email.

Easter &Summer Camps Cancellations/Refunds:

Cancellations made by the customer up to 7 days in advance of the camp start date will be entitled to a refund of camp fee balance. A €20 deposit fee per child is non-refundable and non-transferable unless the camp is cancelled by Let's Go! Summer Schools Ltd

Due to the limit on camp places and the anticipated high demand, any cancellations made within 7 days of the camp start date will not be entitled to a refund.

In the event of overbooking Let's Go will endeavour to offer an alternative - either refund/credit note or alternative camp/date.

We at Let’s Go! Summer Schools Ltd. reserve the right to cancel a camp, or change camp dates in the event of unforeseen circumstances and will not be held accountable or liable should activities be suspended or cancelled due to adverse weather or other events beyond our control including (but not limited to) war, strike, riot, crime, plague, hurricane, flood, earthquake, pandemic or volcanic eruption. 

Credit Notes:

  • Credit notes will not be redeemed or exchanged for cash.

  • A Let's Go! credit note can only be redeemed on www.letsgo.ie against the cost of a Let's Go! Camp booking.

  • A credit note will be void if altered or obtained fraudulently.

  • Credit notes may be used to book any future camp venue.

  • Credit notes will remain valid for 5 years only after the date of issue.

  • Should you wish, your credit note may be passed on to a friend or family for them to use on a future booking.

  • The amount on a credit note may be redeemed against one or multiple future bookings up to and not exceeding the total value of the credit note.

  • Let's Go! Summer Schools Ltd. reserves the right to cancel bookings or request an alternate form of payment if a fraudulent or improperly obtained credit note is redeemed on www.letsgo.ie Summer Camps 

 If someone on camp is displaying symptoms of Covid-19: 

Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 prior to camp or outside of camp hours should not attend Let’s Go. If a staff member or child on camp is displaying symptoms, our staff will follow our robust procedure to ensure the safe isolation of the individual until it is possible for them to go home. Masks will be provided on site for any person who is displaying symptoms. Those affected will be advised to phone their GP and follow their GP's medical guidance.

General Terms for all Let's Go Events:

The discount for booking more than one child only applies to siblings in the same family(Summer /Easter Camps)
The programme will operate to the highest safety standards; Let’s Go! Summer Schools Ltd shall not be responsible for any illness, death or accident unless occasioned by the proven negligence on the part of the Camp Directors or their employees. Please note that by accepting the terms you are giving permission for your child /children /students  to partake in activities that may be dangerous and that by taking part in the activity there is a possibility of risk to your child/children of personal injury or death and /or property damage and you accept these risks on behalf of the child/children/student  which they may be subject to while taking part in all activities in particular the KMX Karting activity, all inflatable games, mobile Climbing Wall, Spider Climbing Tower and Air Jumper. Let’s Go! operate the activities with health and safety key to the operation of these events. Let’s Go! Summer Schools Ltd have full public liability cover for all activities undertaken. Personal Accident Insurance against injury, accident, or loss whilst on camp is your responsibility (the name of the person who made the booking online or by telephone). In the event of an injury or accident involving the child/children/student you have booked onto the camp you accept that Let's Go! summer Schools Limited will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or associated with their participation in the activities offered by Lets Go Summer schools and hereby waiver all and any claims against Let's Go! Summer Schools Ltd in this regard in relation to the child /children/student you have booked onto camp.

You hereby release, waive, forever hold harmless, indemnify and keep indemnified Let's Go! Summer Schools Ltd from all claims for any injury, loss or damage sustained by the child/children /student arising from or associated with the activities and hereby indemnify Let's Go! Summer Schools Ltd against all claims made by any other person against Let's go summer Schools in respect of any injury, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the failure of the child/children/student to follow safety instructions, guideline, instructions and rules outlined by Let's Go Summer Schools, its management and staff. Let’s Go! accepts no responsibility for items lost/stolen or damaged on the premises. We recommend that children/students leave any valuables at home.

Let’s Go shall have no liability for customers failure to receive information due to spam, junk email or other security settings or customers provision of incorrect or otherwise non-functioning contact information.

We do not return lost property so make sure when leaving that you bring everything with you.

We at Let's Go! Summer Schools Ltd. reserve the right to modify our progamme of activities in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
Photographs and video footage may be taken for promotional reasons.
Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.
Permission is granted to seek medical treatment in the event of an accident.
For Summer and Easter Camps all participants must be 5 years or older and be attending primary school.
We shall not be responsible for any children/student left unsupervised at our venue 15 minutes prior to or after camp time

Children /students must abide by Camp/Event rules as outlined below

On School Tours Fundays and Team Building Days lunch breaks will be in line with school timetable (where possible) and it is the responsibility of school teachers to supervise lunch breaks

School to provide first aid.

Summer, Easter Camp, School Tours, Fundays and Transition Year Team Building Day Conditions

  • Participants must adhere to all measures that have been put in place by Let’s Go! in relation to Covid-19.

  • Parents/guardians should not enter a camp venue during the day. You must arrange this via phone call to our head office.

  • Campers / students must treat other campers/students / Let's Go! teachers and all staff with RESPECT.

  • Campers/students must listen to and follow directions given to them by all teachers and staff.

  • Teachers and staff give directions to keep participants happy and safe and all these directions must be followed.

  • Campers/students shall not intentionally cause or attempt to cause physical or emotional harm to another camper/student or Let’s Go! staff.

  • Campers/students must never interfere another camper’s/students’ personal belongings.

  • Campers /students must treat summer Let’s Go! equipment, supplies, and facilities properly and with care.

  • In the event of a forecast of very inclement weather we reserve the right to cancel the day’s booking and will not be in a position to reschedule.

  • Campers /students shall refrain from rude language and conduct.

  • Campers/students must follow all rules and guidelines as outlined by Let’s Go! Teachers/leaders

  • Campers /students shall remain with their groups at all times while participating in a Let's Go! Event i.e., School Tour Funday, camp and Team Building Day.

  • No mobile phones allowed at a venue.