During this unprecedented and difficult time, Let’s Go Summer Schools are absolutely delighted to offer our Summer camps once again. More than ever, we aim to keep the safety and well-being of all our participants, parents and staff the paramount concern in every decision we make. As a result, we have compiled a number of policies, procedures and risk assessments to ensure that we meet/exceed all the guidelines and measures that have been put in place by the HSE and Government.

It is important at this point to highlight that our camps this year will look and feel very different to ones experienced in the past in order to ensure safety is maintained throughout. We remain determined to provide a fun, enjoyable and challenging atmosphere to ensure that there is a smile on every face at the end of each day. We have made every effort to reduce the risk of the possible spread of COVID-19 on our camps, however, the virus is still in Ireland, and by attending you accept that Lets Go cannot guarantee that your child will not contract the virus. (See the symptoms of Covid -19 below - Do not send your child to a Lets Go Camp if they are displaying any of these symptoms. Do not send your child to a Let's Go Camp if they are considered in the 'at higher risk' category)

- High Temperature

- Shortness of Breath

- A cough

- Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste


To reassure any concerns that you may have at this time, we wish to inform you of the following programme adjustments for Summer 2021:

Summer  Camps will start on July 5th

Due to restrictions, activities will be happening outdoors, so please ensure your child has raingear with them at all times.

If the weather becomes very inclement for a sustained period of time we may have to contact you to collect your child early. Once camps start we will not be in a position to offer any part refund.

Reduced camp capacity: The number of children permitted at each of our camp venues will be reduced in order to achieve the best social distancing practices amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reduced group sizes: the number of children per group will be reduced and our Let’s Go! teachers will remain with the same group for the entire week. Groups will not inter-mix with other groups. After a child is assigned to their specific group on the first day of camp, they will not be permitted to move to a different group at any stage.

Contactless drop off/collection: in order to protect parents, children and our staff we will be operating a contactless drop off system (when the venue layout allows). In order to facilitate this, all payments must be made in full in advance of the camp start date. We will include staggered arrival times in which you may have to remain in your car to queue up to the drop off zone. You will receive information about this procedure that is specific to your camp venue in advance. You must stick to your allocated arrival time. Parents will not be permitted to enter our camp facilities at any time during the camp day unless previously arranged with our head office.

Daily Activities: Our activity programme has been adapted in line with social distancing guidelines. As a result, we will have limited inflatable activities this summer. Our programme will include other usual favourites such as KMX Karts, Pony Cycles, Basketball, Hockey, and many more fun filled activities. We will be outdoors for as much of the day as possible and only one group will be allowed per activity at a time.

Visible signage: Signage and posters will be displayed in all the necessary locations at each camp venue. This will provide guidelines and reminders on social distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

Hand Hygiene and Sanitizer stations: Hand sanitizer will be provided at each camp venue. Let’s Go also requests that each child attends camp with their own supply of hand sanitizer for personal usage during the week. Each of our staff members will be trained in the most current hand hygiene procedures and will constantly remind children to follow these procedures. Soap will be readily available at hand washing stations/toilets.

If someone on camp is displaying symptoms of Covid-19:

Any parent, child or Let’s Go staff member who is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 prior to camp or outside of camp hours should not attend Let’s Go. If a staff member or child on camp is displaying symptoms, our staff will follow our swift procedure to ensure the safe isolation of the individual until it is possible for them to go home. Masks will be provided on site for any person who is displaying symptoms. Those affected will be advised to phone their GP and follow their GP's medical guidance. Let’s Go will complete an incident report and comply with any HSE contact tracing requests.


Enhanced Cleaning Routines: touch ‘hot spots’ such as door handles and hard surfaces will be cleaned regularly during each camp day. An extra staff member will be on site at each camp to complete regular cleaning/disinfecting of equipment after use.


In conclusion, we are fully aware that this has been a challenging and a confusing period for everyone and that getting life back to some form of normality is of huge benefit to us all. We believe that we at Let’s Go! Summer Camps can play a strong role in returning you and your children to this normality. Of course, extra practices for health and safety are now necessary to keep us all safe and well, but we aim to integrate these practices into the fun, engaging and exciting experience that we will continue to deliver on our summer camps.

We would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding.